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VendingRobotics don’t sell just vending machines, we sell solutions!

Our speciality is the analysis of the entire sales process and the possibilities of its automation, which provides real competitive power and will ensure the company a significant advantage for future digital trading.
— Dag Martin Watvedt, VR Founder


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The unique combination

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We use the past. We look to the future

VendingRobotics is based on knowledge and experience from, the first company to place a larger number of two-way vending machines for sale or exchange of propane bottles worldwide. We have designed mechanics, bodywork, communication, and the operating system in 2011.

VendingRobotics has taken over rights as well as key people from this company. Based on our acquired knowledge, we will offer a wide range of new solutions in the field of automated trading.


VendingRobotics is for you!

If you want to be at the top of the trade.

  • Do you want to effectively sell and increase profits?

  • Do you want to reach the recipient in the best way and be a brand visible both in the online and offline world?

  • Do you want to develop and modernise your company with a reliable partner?

  • Do you have an idea for a business, but you need sales solutions?

  • Are you a producer, trade centre, online store, or do you just want to sell something to someone?

Automated sales solution is the right answer to your needs.

Meet Us



Dag Martin Watvedt


Innovator, forerunner of sales automation in the gas sector in Northern Europe. Follows the technological and social trends, extensive business knowledge and experience in successfully launching a new product on the market. Everything started with his experience and ideas. The creator of the digital trade – responsible for development plans, creations of new products and services.

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Marius Pop


Passionate about computers, and has spent 15 years exploring its functionalities. In 2014 he started working with Gassautomat and made contact with the automation field. Professional training at B&R Industrial Automation in Austria opened new possibilities. Responsible for the management of technological processes and how projects will work, in order to bring satisfaction to the customers.

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Karolina Soja


Strategist, manager. Business and public relations specialist. 8 years of experience working in marketing and promotion, including interactive and digital solutions. Has worked for various brands: online stores, multimedia sales network, culture and art industry. By profession – media production manager and PR specialist. Responsible for business relations, management, marketing and brand communication.


Patryk Stawarz


Cinematographer, editor, photographer. Responsible for visual creations for VendingRobotics products. Associated with the trade and technology industry, with Gassautomat for 10 years. He cleverly combines visual and technological aspects with business goals and customer experiences. Creates 3D visualizations, machine branding, interfaces, mobile applications, webpages, movies, animations and graphic materials.

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