New line of vending machines for local sales

AGRO SELLER – agro line of vending machines

Agro Seller opens a new line of vending machines for local sales. This solution is primarily for farmers who want to sell agricultural products on the roads or on local markets. 

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How does it work

for you and your customers

Directly to the customer's hands

Your Agro Seller (the container with a dedicated system) can stand in any place, best for your trade. As a food producer, farmer, grower – all you have to do is deliver products to your point of sale.

Products placed in baskets in the self-service sales machine will be traded 24 hours a day. Fruit, vegetables etc. will be delivered to the customer's hands thanks to a properly designed structure – the movable "arm" will deliver the product to the receiving window.

With this solution, you don’t need people serving the stand. You sell day and night at the best selling point for you. You have an application to manage the system and monitor sales – you can plan the logistics of delivering goods at no extra cost. The appropriate security guarantees the safety of your goods.

Your clients buy in the best way – convenient, fast. They do it whenever they want.

All functionalities

Available functionalities:

-The touch screen for selecting the product by the customer and the purchase.

-A mobile system for making payments.

-Internal construction for placement of products in baskets by the producer.

-Arm to deliver the product to the customer.

-Window for receiving purchased goods.

-Management application.

-An app for your client for booking / online purchases.

It is possible to expand the basic version and functionality. In the additional version there is the possibility of cooling. LED lighting etc. can be installed. At the top, you can place the screen, among others in the advertising function.

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An individually selected product AND older products sold first

When buying fresh products, customers can choose the product they consider the most attractive.

BUT in the selection system. The products placed yesterday in the machine are sold first before using these from today.

The customer selects the product in the system, but the machine shows him on the screen the recommended choice etc.

Applications: management and online buying

Thanks to a special application for the entrepreneur, income and inventory can be checked online. As a result, the breeder doesn’t necessarily have to go to the machine, but directly orders the delivery of the used product (the right amount) to top up the machine. In addition, the farmer has access to all sales and profits data.

Your customer has a consumer application at his disposal, where he can check the location of points of sale, availability of goods, reserve and pay in advance for products. He will receive a special code allowing access to receive the product.