Order and pay

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ORDERING STAND, self-service system

Using Ordering Stand, the customer can order and pay in your shop/restaurant, etc. This solution gives your company more service and sales opportunities and increases profits. The machine is designed mainly for retail and restaurants, with the possibility of adapting to other markets. Giants of fast service restaurants successfully use similar systems, confirming the effectiveness of this method. Thanks to Ordering Stand your client is in focus – he can place an order in the best way.

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The future of retail and restaurants

Trade development, customer pleasure, your profits

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An essential element of the digital world and trade

  • New technologies: dedicated software, automation, user experience.

  • Basic equipment: touch screen, mobile payment system.

  • Additional functions depending on individual needs: payment terminal, transaction confirmation printer, numbers in the queue system, code scanner, proximity sensor, camera etc.

  • Modern and elegant design adapted to the industrial purpose.

Benefits for your client – simplification, convenience and even the pleasure of ordering

  • No waiting in queues, speeding up the order.

  • Intuitive, tactile interface, logical course of purchase, ease of choice.

  • Access to the overview of all products (the possibility of adding descriptions, photos, etc.)

  • The ability to view available promotions.

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Benefits for the company – development and profits

  • Shorter service time for each client – the ability to support a larger number of clients.

  • Reducing the cost of personnel by automating customer service.

  • Increasing the value of orders due to the digital ordering method – access to review of all products and promotions, an easy decision by one click.

  • Additional function – an effective advertising medium for you and your business partners etc.