Self service

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New quality of sales and distribution

The self-service machine in which you can buy or exchange gas cylinders, different types and sizes. Gas Kiosk by VendingRobotics opens up new opportunities within sales, distribution and goes directly into the digitalisation of retail trade. It is a further development from our Gas Automat for propane cylinders and derives from over 10 years of experience and technology.

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Log in to the app

The customer must log in to the company's app or web app and register as a customer. If desired, the system checks that there is a registered company up against business registers.

Accept payment

Customer must accept the company's terms of sale and accept that a security fee on the card or telephone payment solution is reserved before accessing the site.

Buy or change the bottle using the app

The customer selects the cylinder and receives all instructions on the application (door unlocking, place of return the bottle and the new one, closing the transaction and the system).

Total process

Completed trade between the gas company and user, no intermediary with additional costs.


Allows the customer to trade 24/7.

Full control, lower costs

The gas company itself has complete control over current inventory and can independently plan its logistics. The system ensures full control of extradition, significantly reduces the cost level.

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How to change the cylinder?

  • The registered customer adds to his application the replacement bottle and the new one he wants to receive.

  • The customer gets a notification that the delivery doors are unlocked and can be opened.

  • The customer receives a clear message, where to place the empty bottle and where to take out the new (desired type of cylinder). To transport the cylinder is used standing their trolley.

  • Placement of the cylinder in the area of the scanner, confirms the type of cylinder being delivered and the new cylinder, compliance with the order.

  • The customer receives a notification that the transaction has been completed, the door is closed, and the system is secured. The customer receives a final settlement on his application.

Security of goods

The protection system


All bottles must have fixed RFID. In the storage room is the surveillance camera connected with the gas company.

So as a company you get a notification in real time when someone is going to trade, and you can follow trading. Then you see the customer and its activity, and via the customer's login you know who it is.

Only registered customers have access.

In the registration they have accepted the terms. Conditions include: receiving, surveillance, drawing a security fee on a card or telephone payment. The customer is responsible for being the only person who is in the room during the transaction. If there is a discrepancy, video camera images are accepted as evidence material. Any goods that are unlawfully removed from the room will be invoiced or deducted from the reserved amount.


Worldwide sales

We offer a kit that can be installed in a regular shipping container of different sizes. The kit contains all material and instructions for modification and installation.

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The visualisation. Gas Kiosk on the main street, in front of the store.