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Gas Automat is a self-service machine where you can sell and rent a gas cylinder 24 hours a day, all year round.

Over 10 years of experience, almost 100 places in Norway, the continuation of the precursor of sales automation in the Northern Europe gas sector. VendingRobotics is based on knowledge and experience from the company, the first to place a larger number of two-way vending machine for sale or exchange of propane bottles worldwide.


First line: 100 places

with our machines in Norway,

the first line of Gas Automat

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There is room for 47 cylinders with a diameter of 300 mm, with a maximum height of 610 mm. In the relevant model one can sell, exchange, trade-in (exchange from one kind of cylinder to another) different types of cylinders. There is a total of 48 spaces, of which the first is reserved for the first arriving customer after a filling.

Gas Automat is designed and built in line with European standards for outdoor cylinder stores and CE-labelled with a declaration of compliance. It meets the highest industry standard for outdoor electronics (Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik, Austria).

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Gas Automat PREMIUM

We present a new line of Gas Automat. These are 3-row machines with space for 71 bottles! The PREMIUM line is created for companies that need machines with more capacity. 

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Benefits for you

With the Gas Automat Premium and Gas Automat First Line you can make a completely automated and unattended trade between the gas company and the customer. Gas Automat gives you a superior competitive advantage for conventional sale.

  • The GasAutomat completes the entire trade directly between the gas company and the customer.

  • 24-hour sale is an advantage over the competition.

  • Purchase on the GasAutomat is the customers' preferred method of purchase/exchange – customer prefers to buy on vending machines, faster, and simpler (payment terminal for all types of card: Visa, MasterCard, etc.).

  • Good visibility, optimum machine placement that makes trade visible from the road (towards city centres, tourist locations, shopping centres) and triggers other potential customers. Location is crucial for a successful business. We have the knowledge needed to evaluate locations (population analysis, buying behaviour, marketing).

  • The GasAutomat gives the most effective logistics solution.

  • The gas companies control marketing independently.

  • Daily settlements can automatically be updated to any accounting software.

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The visualisation. Gas Automat PREMIUM in front of the shopping centre.

Logistics management

One can monitor, look at stock via smartphone and a driver can easily plan optimal logistics. It is put extra emphasising on the effective filling, which allows filling into the cylinder of choice – while the machine itself registers it is taken in. One filling of Gas Automat takes about 10 minutes.

Make sure the vending machine never goes empty: with online surveillance of stock, you will have a considerable advantage on the logistics side. Competitors often have a bad logistics solution, and run out of stock more often.

Proper planning is important when placing machines. We also have a checklist with measures that must be in place before the machine is being placed. 

Control and supervision

By a server one can see all actions, transactions, sales. The machine can be remotely controlled from any PC, notebook, or smartphone. In cases where, for example, the customer has bought the wrong type of cylinder – one can open a door, via phone instructing the customer about placing the cylinder, rotate the revolving floor in the correct position, open the door with the wanted cylinder.

Through a 3G modem all functionality can be surveillance and fault finding can be done remotely. A log from earlier actions can be examined and simulations can be done. In most cases one does not need to do any fault finding on site, it is possible to find the error first, and the bring any eventual spare part by the next filling. There can also be installed video surveillance with an online camera by the 3G router.

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The visualisation. Gas Automat FIRST LINE in the parking lot, next to the store chain.


Security, safety and health

VendingRobotics offers the safest on the market gas container storage. The cylinders are placed in a steel cabinet with reinforcements in all corners. All cylinders are placed partially in separate rooms, in addition it is mounted a ramp and side protection on the front section. It is also always illuminated, and all of this is measures to prevent any collision.

With its uniform and compound outer plates, which are directly earthed and cylinders that are not in direct contact with the outer plates, you are safe from lightning. These measures also prevent a static electricity build-up.

The automatic machine is additionally equipped with a self-calibrating gas detector, which will start a fan that will thin out any gas, and ventilate it out to the upper part of the machine (advanced ATEX sensor technology and specially developed software). At the same time the gas company / machine-operator will receive a message telling that leakage has been detected. Any purchase will not be possible while this is happening, and the customer is informed to come back later or to call the operator. If the gas concentration continues to rise, the power to the machine is cut off by disconnecting the power supply at a point away from the machine.

We offer a complete HSE package for start-up and operation, developed specifically for this business.

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One of the locations in Norway (Gas Automat first line).


How does it work

for your clients


Easy to use

  • Select the language.

  • Choose a payment method.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • After completing the transaction, remove the bottle and close the door.

Buy, replace and return gas cylinders

  • In the Gas Automat you can exchange and buy gas cylinders. You can also make a refund.


  • Replace the empty cylinder with a suitable full cylinder.

  • Replace the empty cylinder with a full bottle of another type.

  • Buy a full bottle.