Gas Automat First Line construction 

GasAutomat schemat v3.png

Technical details


  • 48 spaces (47 bottles, 1 space available).

  • The basic model one can sell, exchange, trade-in (exchange from one kind of cylinder to another) six different kinds of cylinders: 5 kg steel and composite, 10 kg composite, 11 kg steel, 10 and 11 kg with an industrial connection.


  • Electric actuators open the doors, electric motors are placed on the roof - outside the actual gas bearing - provides the rotation of the roundabouts.

  • A fan in the centre channel, which is coupled to a gas sensor via a control system, provides - by an eventual gas leakage – the ability to thin out and ventilate gas from the base, via the channel, out by the roof of the gas vending machine. Magnets in the doors affect electromagnetic sensors in the doorframe for registration if the doors are open or closed.

  • 6 inductive sensors.

  • System for control of the return tank, with photocells, to measure the diameter and height, a sensor for checking the material (metal / non-metal) in the return tank.


  • Chip card reader, monitor, keyboard, receipt printer, 3G modem router. Ingenico i9500 payment terminal for Visa / Master card and other payment cards that is offered by your bank.

  • The machine will supply the updated software at a telephone company, transaction acquirer and text in English and eventually other languages.

  • Installation of transaction gateway / secure link and all required for the machine to work in conjunction with the payment system.

  • System for online management of the machine and control.


  • The entire machine is manufactured using hot-galvanised metal sheets (supplied painted) that are screwed or nailed together, so there are no welded joints to go rusty.

  • Roof/canopy with powerful lighting at the front of the machine, and protected customer area with a solid floor (the machine is equipped with 15 2.5W LED lamps in the front, and it can also be light up on the sides and back, as well as with reflex film).


  • Requires simple 10 A power supply, the machine runs on 24 V.

  • Power supply requirements (220v).

  • The buyer brings electrical installations.

  • Requirements for the place:

    the external dimensions of the machine L: 2.35 B: 2.10 H: 2.40,

    there should be a space of 3 meters in front of the machine.